KGA-The Oceanus

The Oceanus

Located in a southern Athens suburb by the sea, The Oceanus apartments provide for the complex demands of contemporary life.

The goal of the design was to create residential spaces with an intimate relationship with the brilliance of the Aegean Sea and sun; balancing practicality with a modern aesthetic.

Inspired by the location of the property which is next to Varkiza coastline, the building is a minimal design with clear lines. 

The building consists a total of ten apartments, two of which are mezonetes with private gardens and swimming pools. 

YEAR: 2019
REGION: Athens
STATUS: Under construction
Konstantinos Golfinopoulos, Alexandra Arampatzi
Nikolaos Mougiakos
Christos Chrisospathis
KGA-The Oceanus-0
KGA-The Oceanus-1
KGA-The Oceanus-2
KGA-The Oceanus-3
KGA-The Oceanus-4